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These past few days have really been something else.
Wednesday morning I made the fondant flowers you see in the above photos in Bake Lab. The roses were irritating, but considering they're the first roses I've ever made out of fondant, I'm OK with them. I will get better. The little flowers were actually really easy and fun to make (if by fun, you mean Lady's love for tasks that other people find tedious and redundant). That's why I made dozens of them. Possibly more than 100. I started planning for a field of wildflowers themed cake and basically had the image of off-center flowers wrapping around the side of the cake, with grass painted on the sides, in my head before I was finished making the flowers.

Wednesday afternoon, Batman, the roommate (I'ma call him iGuy, because of his love for Apple products) and I headed out to the Skull to hang out with our future roommate. He and Batman and iGuy are best buds, you know, the kind of guys who hit on each other and give JD and Turk a run for their bromoney. (I'm in a good mood, my writing doesn't have to make sense!) Future roommate will hereby be known as Dreads (that should give you a good picture xD). Dreads has a new lady, who doesn't get a nickname yet, although I hope to hang out with her enough in the future that she gets one.

Seriously, this lady seems awesome. I told Dreads and Batman outside while we were engaging in our Filthy Habit that I'm terrible with girls. If I like them, I develop an instant girl-crush and automatically start imagining that we're going to be best friends and bake together all the time and hang out at coffee shops talking about feminism, Neil Gaiman, and a mutual love of good beer. It helps that when I sat down, she immediately pointed out we'd both ordered Blue Moons. She also does all sorts of heart-breakingly awesome stuff, like volunteering to give children a voice in court cases involving divorce/domestic violence and working for SAP (Sexual Assault Prevention). She had an infectious positive vibe and laughed a lot. My first impression was that she and Dreads were perfect for each other and I couldn't be happier for Dreads, who deserves The Best Of Everything. Since we'll be living with Dreads come May, I have serious high hopes for my girl-crush dreams to come true.

So when I say I was having a good time, I really mean it. I was so happy that iGuy compared my goofy grin to Woah-Bear's (our husky). I was so happy that, despite knowing I had to get up early the next morning, I decided I would stay out with the group for karaoke despite the fact that some people would be there who weren't so pleasant. I was ready to endorse Batman and Hips in their efforts to make McWhinyPants (terrible dude, just terrible) super uncomfortable. (Petty, I know, but it would have made for goods times.)

Would have made for good times... ah, yes, the harbinger that this story doesn't actually end well. :(

In the car, Batman and I were having a pleasant conversation about honesty and people whose motives match up with what they say and do. And I said something that probably DID sound cryptic about how I hope my 'desperation' to have girl friends wasn't obvious or off-putting to Dread's new lady, and Batman got cranky. It was a misunderstanding - he apparently hadn't heard my comment earlier about wanting to be friends with Dread's new lady - and he got really angry at me for not saying what I meant, even though I perceived myself as having said something completely straight-forward.

Fast-forward about an hour, and Batman, iGuy, and I are at the homestead for a few minutes because Batman and iGuy wanted to smoke down a bit before heading out again. I'd initially planned to go back out, but Batman and I got into a really ugly fight. I ended up sobbing/nearly having a panic attack, and Batman and iGuy left while I stayed home, reminding myself that I needed to be responsible anyway and drinking on a school night isn't responsibility.

When Batman got back, I went downstairs and fell asleep on the couch. I was so fucking angry. I was still angry at him the next morning, and when I got home from class. iGuy came in to see if I wanted to talk, and while I was venting, Batman calls me from class.

"I ate some ginger."

Those were his first words, and suddenly my anger didn't matter anymore. I threw the phone away from my face as soon as I heard those words and grabbed the keys and was about to leap out the door before I realized I hadn't even responded to Batman.

"I'll be right there," I said, and hung up the phone.

You see, Batman is severely allergic to ginger. If he eats enough of it, it could kill him.

I got Batman home, rescheduled my lab hours, and stayed here in the bedroom with him to make sure his face didn't puff up/he kept breathing normally. He ended up only needing some antihistamines and a long nap, but it was terrifying. In the car, I wrapped my arms around him to check his breathing (I was in the back seat, he in the passenger's, iGuy was driving). It was labored. He was pale and his hands were shaking. I promised myself right then and there that if the instructors at our school killed him, or even made a trip to the hospital necessary, I would go on a rampage and burn the place down. I think I might have been serious. o.o

His breathing got better (it was him freaking out due to the fear of what the ginger could have done to him if he'd eaten more, not the ginger itself). Everything chilled out, and I hit this weird internal stasis point where I couldn't feel anything but numb. I was still angry. After all, Batman grabbed my wrist pretty forcefully during that fight, and any indication of domestic violence, ANY sign that somebody can't contain their anger enough to refrain from even SOMEWHAT violent actions, is really triggering for me. Honestly, I'm still deeply concerned about it (especially since just a week ago he knocked the monitor off the desk out of anger). But between being triggered so thoroughly, feeling so angry and scared for our relationship, and then immediately having to deal with the very real possibility of my husband being poisoned at school due to an uncommon allergy to an extremely common ingredient...

I just shut down. We watched Sabrina, and then loads of MAD, and I just turned my brain off. Usually when I watch TV I'm constantly thinking about what's going on, and trying to analyze what the writer's were getting at and what the characters are getting at, etc. But last night I watched it for what it is - a stupid box, for shutting everything out but brightly flashing colors and quick, thoughtless quips.

I woke up sometime last night to a MAJOR migraine attack. It hit suddenly, fiercely, and had it carried till morning I would have been incapacitated. Fortunately it didn't.

This morning felt like a hangover.

Putting that cake together, though, was the cure. It's the first cake I've ever decorated that I am happy with. It's not perfect - and actually, the more I look at the "grass" the more I wish I'd made it taller/piped it so it would take up more of the side space - but it's so close to what I imagined that despite its multitude of flaws, I love it.

I'm saving it in the freezer (cause you can totally do that with cake, like, forever) until Batman and I get that camera we're saving up for and I can get a real good series of pictures. This picture is courtesy of iGuy's iPhone.

Anyway... Batman and I still have a lot of issues to work through. I'm really hoping to hang out more with Dread's new lady, and I am totally going to save up for a fondant/gum paste decorating kit.

That's all. (...this is probably the longest post I've written so far...)


Apr. 20th, 2013 03:09 pm (UTC)
That looks amazing!


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