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Lady of the Bakery

and the bar, and the office, and the kitchen, and the net, and the wherever else she wants to be.

Lady Chai
28 December
Raised to see the absurd in everything, this writer prides herself on her masterful irreverence, which ought to be worshiped by masses everywhere. She's known for leaving trails of her friends' papers so weighed down by red-ink they develop complexes, probably because she's got so many herself (don't you DARE mention her nose!). She was raised by Mormons and Taoist Episcopalians, has lived in both major mountain ranges in the United States, and likes to hold contests with her husky to see who can look more dignified after running face-first into the door.

This lady is interested in everything. Her "interests" section barely scrapes the surface.
"tell them stories", acupuncture, alternative medicine, american gods, arrow, art, asperger's syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, baking, barbara gordon, batgirl, batman, batman begins, batman: year one, battlestar gallactica, beauty and the beast, big bang theory, bipolar disorder, brothers grimm, buddhism, catching fire, catwoman, comic books, cooking, craft beer, dessert plating, diamond age, dick grayson, disney, disney pixar, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, drawing, eating disorders, einstein, energy psychology, epigenetics, fairy tales, fantasy, feminism, fiction, firefly, futurama, gardening, genealogy, generalized anxiety disorder, genetics, girls with slingshots, harry potter, his dark materials, history, howi met your mother, hyperlexia, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jim gordon, lgbtq rights, long halloween, lord of the rings, making ends meet, mary doria russel, massage therapy, meditation, mental disorders, mockingjay, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neil patrick harris, neverwhere, nightwing, parks and recreation, phillip pullman, philosophy, physics, prayer for owen meany, pretties, psychology, questionable content, redwall, relativity, religion, restaurant management, revolutions, robert heinlein, sandman, science fiction, seasonings, serenity, sexuality, sociology, specials, spices, stardust, stranger ina strange land, suicide girls, suzanne collins, taoism, the amber spyglass, the avengers, the golden compass, the hunger games, the hunger games trilogy, the sparrow, the subtle knife, the tudor family, thread of grace, uglies, uglies trilogy, vegetables, virginia woolf, watership down, wine snobbery, wonder woman, young justice