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Things I want:
-to make lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream for Easter
-to sit down and paint along with an episode of Bob Ross's painting show
-to finish the Beauty and the Beast cross-stitch piece I'm working on
-to work in a bakery
-to own a bakery
-to live in an apartment above my husband's bar and grill, surrounded by friends
-for my husband's bar and grill idea to really take off
-to live in the Caribbean for a couple of years
-to live in Portland for a couple of years
-to write and publish at least one novel
-to see my friends and family achieve their dreams and be happy
-to watch an episode of a tv show my husband wrote and catch all the references he sneaks in
-to travel all over the world filming conferences for my dad's company
-to learn how to give an awesome massage
-to receive awesome massages on a regular basis
-to experience a true felt shift in my third chakra and thus be able to believe in something I want to believe whole-heartedly
-to make a positive difference in a child's life (just one, that would be enough)
-to age gracefully, and look like my mom when I'm middle-aged and like my grandma when I'm old
-to meet Neil Gaiman and/or Amanda Palmer
-to have lunch with Amy Poehler
-to have a drink with my parents and feel like we understand and respect each other as adults (I've done this :))
-to move out west, and spend the rest of my life surrounded by mountains
-to have sex in a graveyard on a warm summer night

Simple enough.

I told my husband I haven't change in the last two years. He said I have. I know he's right - two years ago I could not have created a list like this. Two years ago I had no idea what I wanted.

I'm getting somewhere better.


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Mar. 30th, 2013 12:20 pm (UTC)
That's a great list! I hope you get to do every single one of them!
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