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Today was productive in a silent, I'm-content-in-my-own-head kind of way. I drove my roommate to and from work on an empty tank of gas. I'm pretty sure the next time we go out (even if it's just to the gas station), the car will die on the way.

This has happened before.

(Insert rant about how the worst thing about being broke isn't the long periods of no money, but the short bouts of no money in between periods of relative stability - at least in the long periods we develop consistent methods of coping.)

We watched a cute little indie film called Unicorn City and a new (to us, at least) tv show called How To Be A Gentleman. It was a nice break from the usual onslaught of HIMYM, Parks and Rec, Young Justice, Arrow, Total Drama, and Big Bang Theory (don't get me wrong, I seriously love all of these shows - ESPECIALLY Parks and Rec). But a couple of friends came over (friends who aren't our resident Couch Potato) and my husband turned on Young Justice.

I made Cinnamon Swirl bread and did a bunch of sifting through the internet to find the best tips for French bread, which I plan to make tomorrow and serve to my household with powdered sugar and syrup. I'd love whipped cream but we used the last of that today with the Highlander Grogg. (I have no regrets. It was delicious.)

I'm not being mopey. I'm not being self-conscious (wait, scratch that -_-). I'm not being jubilant or silly. I'm just kind of here.

But I love the process of baking and planning out breakfasts & desserts. I've made French toast before, but I've never put so much thought into it. I wish I had a camera. I would post all the food porn pictures. Anyway... I have two cigarettes left, and something gives me the feeling I won't be on the receiving end of Couch Potato's generosity tomorrow. Must resist temptation to squash my dignity to dust by even thinking about asking. Must smoke trash tobacco until some form of income arrives (which... could be as far away as April 2nd, or even April 18th... Jesus Christ, now I sound mopey... whoops).


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